About Us

Owners:    Stephen and Tamara Sellers

Marketing Manager:   Brandon Baylis

About Stephen:  Steve grew up in northern Indiana where most of the RV/camper factories are located. Some of his uncles worked in these factories and as soon as “Little Stevie” was in grade school they began taking him to work with them.  Later during high school and college he spent his summers in these factories building RVs and campers from the ground up.  Because of this experience, he knows how they should look and work and how to fix anything that is wrong.

During his 6 years at Purdue University, he was an athletic trainer for their sports teams and worked with many of their famous football and basketball players like Keena Turner &Joe Berry Carrol.  He graduated with a Masters’ in Health Education and went on to work for the Indiana State Health Department for 28 years finally retiring in 2007 as Director of
the state Immunizations Program. His hobby during the 70’s and 80’s was racing.  Steve build and raced a sprint car and an Indy formula car. He raced against several drivers during those years that have gone on to race the Indy 500, Daytona, and other major races.

Starting a car and camper business for the retirement years has proven to be a great fit given his life experiences.  It also provides a flexible schedule, a creative outlet, and a chance to work with people which he loves.

About Tamara:  Tamara grew up a missionary kid in Uganda and Kenya.  There she learned to appreciate cultural differences and developed a balanced world view that only travel and living abroad can bring.  She also learned important skills like learning to make and fix your own stuff and solving problems creatively.  

After graduating with a four year nursing degree from Central State University in Oklahoma, she went on to work in many different areas of nursing including OB, NICU, medical/surgical, home health, and pediatrics. With 20 years of nursing experience under her belt, she received a direct commission from the Secretary of the Navy and served as an officer for the next nine years.  She used her G I Bill to obtain a Masters’ in Nursing Education going on to teach in three different nursing programs in Colorado. Hobbies include bee keeping and painting.

Steve and Tamara’s hobbies:  country dancing, international travel, hiking, biking, camping, and exploring anything new!

About Brandon:   Our son is an incredible asset to our business. He grew up first on a 260 acre farm in rural Indiana, then at a private fish and ski lake followed by serving time as a Navy brat.  He is very versatile and thinks outside the box which is really handy when we are diagnosing a problem.  He is good at coming up with creative solutions and has all around great ideas.  

Brandon’s hobbies include professional wrestling, gaming, and dog breeding.  He wrestles almost every weekend in shows as “BZB” for extra money.  He also breeds and raises registered Siberian Huskies who are also his beloved pets. They sleep with him at night and have almost two acres to play in during the day.  He also does some acting and modeling from time to time. He had a part in the movie Our Souls at Night with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda that was filmed here in Colorado Springs and spent a whole day with them filming. Unfortunately, his scene was cut but we are proud of him anyway!